ofxXMLSettings Loading file problem of PATH?

i m quite puzzled…

i can save with ofxXMLSetting some params, but on loading the file is not founded.

is there somehow a missmatch with the ofXPath ?

void ofApp::setup(){

mFullscreen = false;
ofEnableAlphaBlending();//pour alpha

ofAddListener(ofxWinTouchHook::touchDown, this, &ofApp::touchDown);
ofAddListener(ofxWinTouchHook::touchMoved, this, &ofApp::touchMove);
ofAddListener(ofxWinTouchHook::touchUp, this, &ofApp::touchUp);



// instantiate and position the gui //
gui = new ofxDatGui(ofxDatGuiAnchor::TOP_RIGHT);
//ect etc…


void ofApp::xmlLoadMySet()

ofxXmlSettings xmlF;

if (xmlF.loadFile("Feffects.xml")) 
else {
	ofLogError("Feffects file did not load!");


You are using https://github.com/braitsch/ofxDatGui/. If you want to use this addon, you have to check its documentation. In the doc it says that the ability to save and load from xml is still in development

If ofxDatGui is not a requirement, in of/examples/gui there is an example about xml loading and saving.

thanks edapx.
i m not using xml saving of ofxDatGui.
i m using the ofXLMSettings addon to save load, and encoutering with it troubles on opening of the xml file .

the idea is not to save load gui params, but a lot of informations.

I could use alos anything else, but helas there is no simple example for the tinyXML part of OpenFrameworks.
something showing how to structure simply and efficacitively Attributes, values etc etc…

Hum Still not arriving to load from data/ with ofxxmlsettings… File is not seen…

Your post is very old, however I encountered the same problem with OfxXmlSettings. It does save without any path, just with using xml.saveFile(“cues.xml”) but I cannot load the same file with xml.loadFile(“cues.xml”)

Very strange issue. I hope you have found the solution. If not - I hope to post a solution myself :slight_smile:

Hello, helas i never suceed to have a correct reading with xml files. I
think the system is ok for little flies, all in the same folder, but is
byggy somewhere.

for this reason i m no more using openfx.