ofxVolume addon

I’m very happy to announce my first addon!
It is a couple of classes to load, save, and process volumes in the CPU.

It is actually a remake of ofImage and ofPixels so all the credits must go to OF community.
One of my intentions was to learn more about C++ and also about the patterns used in Openframeworks specially in ofImage and ofPixels. In the way I also learned to template which looked very scary at the beginning but was mostly fine when i got some examples.

so here it is:

ah and I started this work because of Tim’s ofxVolumetrics which a really nice addon. I learned a lot there too.

Since I’m a very novice C++ coder will really appreciate comments specially those pointing out things i’ve done wrongly :smiley: and it is still a wip… so there must be some parts uncompleted.


Congrats @Jordi, Thank you for sharing it!

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well done @Jordi !

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Looks very good!
Have been playing around a bit with ofxMarchingCubes lately, and I am certainly going to try this one as well :slight_smile:

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Some fun with the volume filled with noise:

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