I’ve been trying to integrate vlc as the videoplayer library for linux, but with little success.

The main problem is the speed and position control, as vlc doesn’t allow backwards playing by now (although it’s planned) and has a big delay when setting position or even pausing / resuming .

So I’ve decided to make an addon. It inherits from ofVideoPlayer, so you can substitute it just by declaring the variable as ofxVlc.

It can be useful for playing strange formats, or devices. You can open dvb capturers, dv cameras, dvds… just by using the same syntax in the loadMovie call as in the vlc command line.

Also for linux if you just need to play forwards it’s way faster than fobs.

The linux libraries are included. If you move the libs folder you’ll need to change the #define OFX_VLC_PLUGINS_PATH in ofxVlc.h to point to the new location.

It uses some features in vlc that only comes from version 0.9.0.

The code is really buggy but if you want to give it a try:

Nice one!



, would be nice to have this for mac/xcode

greetings ascorbin

wicked! will try it out…

thinking of using this for a program concept I call “SeriesMinder”, a simplified media player based around watching entire TV series in order. I am intending to put in a series configuration system using ofxXmlSettings to store playlist-like series files and “resume” files for those minor interruptions.

It’s just a pet project I started because of being yelled at halfway through Eureka Seven episodes, so I wouldn’t lose where I was in the episode.

i’m kind of confused. can this stream DV from a DV cam?
i see some 1394 stuff in the moviegrabber example but it doesn’t work. Also, the DV example that Grimus made us for version 0.05 doesn’t work in 0.06 for obvious lib reasons


and he didn’t put his project in addons.openframeworks.cc which, does that even work right? or did no one put up files is all?

hmm, guess i’m stuck in 0.05 for a bit then eh?


Hi Ramy,

I haven’t put the DV grabber stuff up in the Addons because, well, I haven’t got around to it. I have been meaning to though, and having someone use the code is a good incentive. However I’m busy at the moment but in a couple of weeks I should be able to do this and update the code to 0.06.


hi ramy

it should be able, but haven’t really tried and also as i said when i first posted it’s really buggy and the api to get the frame data from vlc is not very good so i’m not planning to support this. for next release my idea is to try with gstreamer as it seems it support dv as well as v4l, v4l2 and iee1394 but right now the only way to get dv on linux is grimus’ ofxdvgrab.


Hey, in case you are still interested, an 0.06 of the ofxDVGrabExample is here: