ofxVideoRecorder - Issues with the speed of the video created

I am having issues with ofxVideoRecorder (I think…).

I am working on a project using computer vision with dancers. There are a few effects generated by their moments. It’s using a mix of algorithms including Frame differencing and Good features to track. And I am using the ofxVideoRecorder to record the final version as a file video.

In my first prototype, I have been using the PS3 Eye Cam which has a fairly low resolution. But the final project will be a music video and I will use a prerecorded 4K video as input.

In my first prototype with the PS3 Eye Cam, I have setup ofxVideoRecorder and it works well in most cases. But sometimes the speed of the video gets messed up. It seems that some frames are being skipped which considerably speeds up the final video.

This also seems to happen with the frame differencing algorithm that generates particles based on the dancers’ movements. But it happens less with the Good features to track one. So I am wondering if that could be an issue with the hardware not being able to keep up.

I am slightly worried that I am already facing those issues with a 640x480 video. So I doubt I would be able to handle a 4K video.

Any help would be highly appreciated :pray::slightly_smiling_face: