ofxVectorGraphics question

hi everyone,

I’m new to oF, just migrated here from Processing and I feel fine! :slight_smile:

a little question:
I’m using ofxVectorGraphics addon to do some simple drawings with the mouse;
following the example included I used curveVertex to add points and draw them…
…how can I set the stroke width for the vector shape?

thank you!


since 007 there’s utilities in the core to write to pdf and svg take a look at the pdfExample. With that you just need to use ofSetLineWidth() to set the width of the stroke

thank you! :smiley:

if I want to compile the pdfExample for iOS I get these Linker Errors:

Undefined symbols for architecture armv7:
“__Z20ofEndSaveScreenAsPDFv”, referenced from:
__ZN7testApp4drawEv in testApp.o
“__Z22ofBeginSaveScreenAsPDFSsbb11ofRectangle”, referenced from:
__ZN7testApp6updateEv in testApp.o
ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture armv7

I suppose it’s not possible on iOS to use these new vector capabilities? thanks.