ofxVectorGraphics groups

So im playing around with ofxVectorGraphics and ran into a snag. I am saving out a tail like graphic so I’m building it with polyVertex(x, y) I can get this to work when it is not filled but when I fill the shape I get this connection from top to bottom. The solution is to make a shape per segment but this gets messy.

Is there a way to create groups in ofxVectorGraphics?


hey todd,

I have noticed this too sometimes but I am not sure if this is the same issue you are having - can you post an image that illustrates the problem?

ofxVectorGraphics wraps creEPS - http://www.uwefabricius.de/projects/creeps.html

The documentation is here so you might find a solution within creEPS - http://www.thomas-pohl.info/creeps/CreEPS132.pdf

Hope that helps!