ofxVectorGraphics deprecated in OF iOS? if yes, any alternative?

Hi, I am using the github OF master branch synced up-to-date, using Xcode 4.3.2 in Lion.

I want to move a project I am working on, from MacOSX to iOS.
I was using ofxVectorGraphics mainly to draw bezier curves. I used the project generator to create all the iOS examples but I can’t see any example for this addon. (I think it was there in some previous OF versions)

I tried to make a new project with the addon too; but I get errors when compile: semantic issues: undeclared identifier ‘glColor3f’, ‘glBegin’, ‘glEnd’, ‘glVertex2f’, etc…

I see I another topic here that says some graphics/vector functions are on the OF core now.
Any idea?

as far as i know, ofxVectorGraphics was never made to run on iOS.
the opengl calls differ between iOS and OSX and unfortunately this addon only works on OSX.
the other thing which is questionable is if the CreEPS library used by the addon can actually work on iOS?
thats not to say its not possible, with some updates to the addon you might be able to get it running…

thanks for reply.
So I’ll rebuild my project using the ofGraphics core stuff.

Are you able to find out any solution for this issue yet?

Yes. I used just the ofGraphics functions:
{ Drawings }
Not tested in iOS yet.