ofxUsbDmx512 addon for DMX

I needed to use DMX with this particular interface recently, so I wrapped their SDK into an addon:

It should also work I think with this device, and other similar USB to DMX interfaces:

I had trouble getting it to run on Linux initially, the problem is that the proprietary Linux driver hasn’t been updated in a while and won’t work with the most recent kernels. Basically any kernel that supports usbfs should work, but in ubuntu usbfs was deprecated just recently. Also you need to run the application with root privileges or change the privileges of the usb serial device.

For windows and OSX I think that won’t be a problem.

Hope this is useful for someone…


Awesome, thanks! I’ve been working with a cobbled together DMX addon that barely worked… great to have a better one up and running for Mac.

A note to other mac users: you’ll need to grab and install the correct drivers to get this to compile + launch:

To get it to compile and run, I had to:

  1. grab the libftd2xx.0.1.7.dylib file from D2XX/bin in the dmg
  2. Add the dylib to my Xcode project
  3. and add the lib to my usr/local/lib folder on my hard drive

Hi I have been trying to use your example, I can compile but I get an asm_dyld_dyld_fatal_error 0x8fe01064:2 in a pop up once I try and run it. Excuse my ignorance, I am new to this and I think i misunderstood your advice in 3) and add the lib to my usr/local/lib folder on my hard drive. How exactly would I do this?

Many Thanks

Just a heads up: version D2XX1.0.4 is now available, works fine and can be downloaded from here: http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/D2XX.htm . Following robotconscience & the ReadMe included in the download should get you up and running in under 5 mins.


Hi Forum.

I got it all to compile and the app runs but deviceConnected is false .

I tried my setup via a maxmsp patch and it works.

any ideas?