ofxUIScrollableCanvas with fbo

Hei ppl,

Me and Carles @charli_e have been working a bit on ofxUI (best ui ever) to get a scroll bar using fbo.
We wanted to have an fbo so that the widgets can be cut when hitting the border of a canvas. I have a branch here:

It has an example showing the new goodies.

It needs to be polished and there are still many things to be improved:

  • fbo alpha blending issues… maybe some guru can fix that…
  • scroll on X axis needs to be done.

If @reza is around… let me know if you want to integrate it to your repo… probably it needs more polishing before that.


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awesome! Thanks guys, I’ll check this out next week when I get a second!

hey @Jordi, thanks for this! i would like to use it to make a scrollable like image picker. I tried the branch of the example and it works on 0.9.8/last Xcode & Sierra, but:

the reza version is more recent… 2 years earlier. there’s any easy way to update your branch to this one? or I should use all your version? what branch?


Sorry its been a really long time i don’t use ofxUI.
Lately I use ofxImGui instead. did you give it a try? it does all these things for free.

I just tried my old code. The branch example-scrollbar is what you are looking for. It has my-example-Scrollable.
Project files might be wrong.
You might have to remove these files from the VS project:


and add:


As I said on 3 years ago there are issues on FBO blending… good luck!

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