ofxUIJquery remote control your application

Hi all,

New ‪addons‬, generates jquery interface for remote control of your application, create server http and communication via websocket.



This addons is still under construction. (attention several bugs to fix)

since they are full of work if someone wants to participate in building this addons it is welcome.

Good Day All


Hello guys,

This weekend I had a bit of time to close the bug on ofxUIJquery.

I added a inputText for


and fixed some bugs…

some screen:

hey @kashim , great work.

I think we are trying to solve the same problem. Also working on an addon for remote UIs: ofxSyncedParams. the repo is missing examples and details but the basic idea is to sync ofParameter via json (&web sockets) in both directions and to be able to use “any” web UI by writing a small json -> webUI parser or even native clients.

at the moment it is working with datGui and I want to try a p5.js gui next (will upload examples this week). I just thought we could work on one solution together instead of doing similar stuff on our own. just an idea. there is also ofxRemoteUI but it is more osx/ios focused and the usage of osc instead of websockets makes it harder to use for webUIs I would say.

I haven’t checked your code in detail yet. I would prefer going for the general (multi purpose) approach and add your ideas (like input fields), jquery frontend, and so on and go from there. let me know what you think.


Hi @fxlange,

nice idea that of JSON and the two-way communication.

when my addons provide only output data to the application of websocket openFrameworks, not yet input…

I approached jquery-ui to its simplicity, it would be interesting webui … or provide for other methods that allow customization of webui…

I built this addons on Linux, on Windows there are some problems with the creation of the server TCP/HTTP seems the HTTP header cause problems with some browsers do I solve this…

However if you want to participate in building this addons it is welcome.

I leave my mail: d.longobardi@ziggurats.net

unfortunately this week in Holland for work and I will not be available.
but as soon as we can deepen hind topic.

I apologize for my bad English!

Good Day