OfxUi + project export. XML problem

Hey all! I’ve made an application that uses ofxUi library, including saving and loading xml files with parameters of sliders and stuff.
The problem is, when i export the .app, i loose the xml load/save part. When i open "show package contents" i can’t find anything related to this, and that may be the problem. I’ve tried to make a data folder inside it with the xml files, but it doesnt work.
Can someone help me? I’m using Xcode.

all OF apps load and save to a data directory (which is bin/data). This typically needs to be kept next to the executable (.app). The assets are not inside the .app so show package contents won’t really help here.

hope that helps

Yeah, but i thought that on archive option it was all included in just one file, no need for other folders. But thanks :slight_smile: