OfxUI installation on windows

I tried following the installation for OfxUI in virtual studio using the Github repo here: https://github.com/rezaali/ofxUI

When I try to build an example, I get 2 fatal errors saying

“2>c1xx : fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file: ‘…\addons\ofxUI\src\ofxUIIntSlider.cpp’: No such file or directory
2> ofxUICustomImageButton.cpp
2>c1xx : fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file: ‘…\addons\ofxUI\src\ofxUICustomImageButton.cpp’: No such file or directory”

These files don’t exist, and I tried to delete 6 references to them within the project files, but I still get the same error. I had the same issue when trying with CodeBlocks. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Also had no luck.
I tried replacing the files with the ofXUI from
https://github.com/claytical/Keep-Your-Edge-Level-Editor’, but more errors came up.
Also the icon resource file failed (changed path to win_cb).
I am using codeblocks on windows.
Did you ever come right, please let me know your solution.

No, unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work and gave up.

I think it has been depreciated and included into the new version of openframeworks (0.8.x)
I managed to get sliders and buttons working without the addon now.
Since I use codeblocks, I figured I should rather use the wxsmith and wxwidget that is already included (and which has 1000* more capabilities)… I have no idea how compatible it will be with openframeworks, so a few surprises are probably around the corner.

I had this problem and here’s how i fixed it:

open an example in code::blocks. Next: open the virtual folder [green folder icon] called “addons” (click the plus next to it). Then click “ofxUI”. you will now see a list of all included files. Remove ofxUICustomImageButton.cpp and .h, and also remove ofxUIIntSlider.cpp and .h. Both of these have been included/merged into other files, but he never removed those from the examples.

Also side note @Philippe123 : ofxUI and ofxGui are not the same thing, they work completely differently.

Also note that after you fix those errors, you’ll get an error about the icon file not existing, but that can be fixed by changing the ‘’ to ‘/’ and changing ‘vs’ to ‘win_cb’ in the icon.rc file.


Wow…thanks BananasGoMoo
This looks really smart.
Possibly you have a few more examples on this addon…

My resolution is…delete two of them ,and that always works

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@Philippe123 I only know of the examples that come with the addon. There’s a lot of them, though, so it should be pretty helpful. Its how I figured out how to use everything. I looked at the “All Widgets” example.