ofxUI draws "incomplete" buttons

Hi, I just migrated a previous project to the actual OF & ofxUI github up-to-date versions.
I needed to retype some of my ‘widget constructors’ in my ‘setGUI()’ sections…

But now, only my first button/toggle on each row appears complete.
The other widgets I placed to the right, they appears incomplete: name/fonts are ok, but there’s no ‘square button’(usually with another darker color).
All the buttons are responsive and working, but when I put the mouse over the button, it didn’t marks the outline by default.

I would like to know if there’s any way to put all the widgets defined to the correct behaviour.

Here’s a screenshot:

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i had some similar issues, it can happen when buttons are oversized. Try to enlarge your canvas or reduce button width…

thanks a lot; it worked like you said.