ofxUI canvas width lower than 210 makes slider disappear

When i set the width of the canvas in ofxUI to a value lower than 210, all the rects of the sliders (and I believe of most other elements) disappear. The sliding though still works. I tried to figure out why, but failed.
Does anyone know what to do if one wants a narrower canvas with sliders?
btw ofxUI is really a fantastic addon. Thanks @reza

Hi Jakob,

Did you make sure the widgets are drawn inside the canvas limits?
By default ofUICanvas will only draw widgets inside its boundaries. If they are too wide or too long …etc will not be drawn. So make sure you give them the right position and size…
I also have been fighting with this a lot… i would suggest to @reza to throw a LogNotice in case they are not drawn. Thats what I do in my version to check it…

Let us know!

Thanks for your help. You are right. Some of the widgets got a different width value, which messed up the setup. A LogNotice would be a good suggestions.