ofxUI app crashed when using saveSettings()

Hi, I am using ofxUI and I want to save all the settings.

I made a button in my UI to take care of that, and when I press it, my app crashes and throws an error that looks like that : glibc detected malloc() memory corruption

the code one the button is a simple : gui->saveSettings(“test.xml”);
and it manages to write an xml file before crashing. In the file , I can see all the sliders values.

I am on ubuntu 12.10 with OF 0.8.1.

Does anybody know where the problem could come from ?

Can you run the app with the debugger enabled? The stacktrace should help to pinpoint the location where it happens. Because the glibc error is rather unspecific.

Hi, I didn’t tackle with this problem very long. I found another solution. I save the UI params using ofxRemoteUI system. It works like a charm.
But I still don’t know where my problem is coming from. You’re right I should have run the app in debug mode, with breakpoints and everything. But I am relatively new to c++, and debuging tools are still a little frightening to me ^^
But I am getting there.