ofxUI & loadsettings XML & code variables update strategies ...

I guess Reza has understood I loved its addon :slight_smile:

loadsettings works very fine with its UI kit.

In my case, my UI is linked to some variables in my code and I’m updating variables real time with the ui.
When I’m exiting the app, each value of my UIs is saved correctly, before destroying the UI for memory care.

So, when I restart the app, I’d like to have my variables directly changed to the values loaded from the UI.

Any way to do that easily ?

ofxUI does this automatically when you save settings to XML, when it loads the settings all widgets that have state get triggered and show update your programs variables automagically.

I guess I made a mistake in my code, it doesn’t work here.
Yes, the widget states are reloaded correctly, but how can I do to have my variable uploaded?

I’m using the name of widgets to conditionally change my variables.
So I guess it should work (I mean, if it the variable updates work, it should work on the same way for the loading of settings and the updates)


Can you post some code of how you are using it?