ofxUGen and ofSoundPlayer issue using together

Can someone lead me in a direction of how to start debugging the following issue? I’m using ofxUGen to synthesize sound by creating new objects for multitouch events as similar to the examples like this:

 vector<Sinewave*>::iterator it = synths.begin();

while (it != synths.end())
    Sinewave *s = *it;
    if (!s->isAlive())
        it = synths.erase(it);
        delete s;

I am also creating multiple ofSoundPlayer objects randomly at touch events. My issue is that after doing several touches my speakers eventually make a loud pop and then a screeching similar to setting a volume variable higher than 1.0. I have two assumptions but I’m not sure exactly how to test.

  1. The ofxUGen objects played together start to overload the speakers.
  2. Something about ofSoundPlayer and ofxUGen being used together is overloading the ofSoundStream.