ofxUDPManager receive issues


I’m currently trying to establish communication between 2 computers via UDP.
I’ve tried the networkUdpSenderExample and it works just fine, the other computer receives the data in a different application (LabView).

The problem is with networkUdpReceiverExample: it doesn’t seem to receive messages from the other machine running LabView. I’ve ran the networkUdpSenderExample on the other machine and send/receive works between the two oF apps on two separate machines.

I’ve also tried running networkUdpSenderExample on one machine and MaxMSP (with the udpreceive object) on another and it doesn’t receive anything. It seems two oF apps talk just fine between themselves on separate machines, but the communication doesn’t work between oF and another app on separate machines.

Any hints to what I might be missing/doing wrong ?


Is there any possibility that the LabView app might be sending in multicast mode? In that case you would want to do BindMcast() instead of just Bind(), might be worth a shot.

Hi Joshua,

I’ve double checked, it’s not sending in multicast mode. Thanks for the suggestion though.

It’s weird that two computers running the same software(either LabView, either oF app) can talk to each other,
but not between different software. Maybe behind the scenes each handles UDP in a different way and something inside each ‘box’ might cause the issues. I am bit clueless at the moment and open to any suggestions.


Is there any way to check what port the LabView app is broadcasting on?

It’s set to send on 11998 which is the same the oF app listens to, but that’s a good idea though:
I’ll download a tool to see UDP sent/received and see if what we tell LabView to do is that it actually does.

I’ll get back later on after we’ve tested this. Thanks!