ofxUbo addon wont work

I’ve been trying to get ofxUbo (https://github.com/Ahbee/ofxUbo) to work in my project file in code::blocks by adding it using the right-click ‘build options’ method. However, whenever I try to build the project it displays these error messages corresponding to the first line inside the ofxUboShader constructor:

C:\Users\M10\Documents\OpenFrameworks\addons\ofxUbo-master\src\ofxUbo.cpp: In copy constructor 'ofxUboShader::ofxUboShader(const ofxUboShader&)':
C:\Users\M10\Documents\OpenFrameworks\addons\ofxUbo-master\src\ofxUbo.cpp:231:15: error: 'it' does not name a type
C:\Users\M10\Documents\OpenFrameworks\addons\ofxUbo-master\src\ofxUbo.cpp:231:34: error: expected ';' before 'it'
C:\Users\M10\Documents\OpenFrameworks\addons\ofxUbo-master\src\ofxUbo.cpp:231:34: error: 'it' was not declared in this scope
C:\Users\M10\Documents\OpenFrameworks\addons\ofxUbo-master\src\ofxUbo.cpp: In member function 'ofxUboShader& ofxUboShader::operator=(const ofxUboShader&)':
C:\Users\M10\Documents\OpenFrameworks\addons\ofxUbo-master\src\ofxUbo.cpp:243:15: error: 'it' does not name a type
C:\Users\M10\Documents\OpenFrameworks\addons\ofxUbo-master\src\ofxUbo.cpp:243:34: error: expected ';' before 'it'
C:\Users\M10\Documents\OpenFrameworks\addons\ofxUbo-master\src\ofxUbo.cpp:243:34: error: 'it' was not declared in this scope

The ‘problem’ is that the addon uses c++11 syntax. The solution in code::blocks is to turn on “Have g++ follow the C++ 11 ISO C++ language standard”. You can do this in either Project > Build Options (to turn it on for this specific project only) or Settings > Compiler (to always turn it on for all projects you compile).

Thanks! That solved the problem.