ofxTwitter URL callback please advise


Hi can someone give me a code snippet to help me - using ofxTwitter: I want to identify the URL for the Twitter callback… where does this go please?
In the Github instructions it says:
“Don´t forget to specify a callback url on the Twitter side, any URL will work it will work as a boolean. Also you´ll have to adjust the application access depending on the type of access your application needs.”


I get "No matching member function for call to ‘startThread’ in

void start()
    startThread(true, false);

in ofxOAuthVerifierCallbackServer class.


Are those ofxTwitter addons working? They look old. Sorry that I don’t know about your particular question… but may be you can find it at examples from ofxTwitter @bakercp version (requires OF (0.10.+)). I thought older twitter versions are kind out of date… many changes in that kind of protocols.

Thanks, I looked at ofxTwitter examples but they will not compile, I left another question on that…

clang: warning: -lpthread: ‘linker’ input unused [-Wunused-command-line-argument]
clang: error: invalid deployment target for -stdlib=libc++ (requires OS X 10.7 or later)