ofxTwitter Search Queries


I am doing a university project where we have to make a twitter application which uses open frameworks ofxTwitter add on to search for different queries. So far I have managed to search for specific words but I am not looking at searching for certain things like location and popularity as well as date and time. So far I have formatted with if statements and if the user clicks on a button then the if statement will search for a word. I was wondering if someone could help me with searching for other options.

    count = 0;
    std::cout << "Clicked Button 3" << endl;
    //search query for #brexit
    ofxTwitter::SearchQuery q("#brexit");
    q.setGeoCode(<#double latitude#>, <#double longitude#>, <#double radius#>, <#const std::string &units#>);
    q.operator=(<#const ofx::Twitter::SearchQuery &#>)
    doDraw = true;

This is what I have so far but was interested in how I could work the q.setGeoCode function.

Thanks for anyones help.

You need to fill in those variables for q.setGeoCode() with lat, long, search radius and units.

See the docs


to understand what geocode can do.