ofxtweenzor addCompletelistener not working

I am using tweenzor to tween few properties in my code.

For this I have called Tweenzor::init in the setup of testApp.

Tweenzor::update in my update method of testApp.

I have another class within which in a method I have added


Now when i do this


i get the following error

ImageCards.cpp|265|error: no matching function for call to ‘Tweenzor::addCompleteListener(Tween*, ImageCard* const, void (ImageCard::*)())’|

The example where everything is in testApp works fine. Any pointers??

Does your enableMouseEvents function have a pointer to the arguments?
enableMouseEvents( float* arg )?

Is tweenParams a vector? Vectors move around variable references, so it might not be a good idea to bind listeners to them, but it shouldn’t be causing the problem in this scenario. But maybe try binding to a float in the ImageCard class.


It was the argument issue. Thanks a lot