ofxTweeny and ofxAsap

i just packaged tweeny as an ofxAddon. It is super simple and all it does is including tweeny.
tweeny’s api is very nice to use. it works similar as the gsap.js library, in case soneone is familiar with it.

And here is ofxAsap for date and time operations.

Maybe it is useful for some of you.


It is. :fountain:
Thanks for sharing

Hi thomasgeissl, it looks great, thanks a lot for sharing.

I tested the examples on OSX 10.11.6 + Xcode 7.1 + OF 0.10.1 and I have some problem with Poco.

I added ofxEasing because it looks it is required, but it didn’t solve the compiling issue.

Maybe is my old mac, maybe you miss something.



P.S. ofxAsap example works.

i does not require poco, or ofxEasing. It is header only and has no dependencies.
I looks like you confused it with ofxTween.
Here is the correct link.

Let me know if it works.

Oh really sorry!!! Those addons have really similar names and I made mistake :roll_eyes::joy:

it works perfectly,


Good to know.
I hope to find some time to provide a better example.

Hey, I’m the author of tweeny and ASAP. Thank you very much for integrating it with ofx. If you or any of you has any trouble using them, I’ll be glad to help as well.


welcome and thanks for those nice libraries!