ofxTween: ofMain.h not found


I’m a beginner trying to run the example code using the ofxTween api. When I compile I get the error: ‘ofMain.h’ file not found.

This is what I did:

  1. I download the zip file from github (https://github.com/arturoc/ofxTween)
  2. copied and pasted the 2 example folders under the examples folder
  3. coped and pasted the ‘ofxTween’ addon (I made a folder called ‘ofxTween’ and copied and pasted the src into this folder) under addons folder.

I located the ofMain.h file under lib/openFrameworks and from what I read from previous posts, the file should be under this folder.

After comparing this project to other working example projects, I noticed that the “libs” folder and “product” folder are missing from the new project. I tried adding the “libs” folder but that didn’t fix it either. Also the hierarchy of the libs folder in my new project is different from the one in the working project. The libs in the working project contains a folder called core which contains core frameworks.

Thanks. I’m just really confused on how to get the example project running!

i think you shouldn’t use the project files included, whatever compiler you are using, delete them (only them, leave addons.make, src folder, and bin/data folder with all included if they are) and then use the Project Generator to create the files for the project compilers. go here for a description of the PG