ofxTrueTypeFontUC not working in OpenGL 4.0

Hi, I found a problem when i set the GLVersion in 4.0.

int main() {
ofGLWindowSettings settings;
settings.setGLVersion(4, 0);

settings.width = 1920;
settings.height = 1080;

ofRunApp(new ofApp());

The font can’t show correct.

It became many pieces of rectangle.(on the top)
And when i use " ofTrueTypeFont " instead “ofxTrueTypeFontUC” to show the English font.It can work in OpenGL 4.0 (on the bottom)

Is there any suggestion that we can make it work in OpenGL 4.0?

I also made an Issue here.( https://github.com/hironishihara/ofxTrueTypeFontUC/issues/26)

as an alternative, plain ofTruetype font has full support for UTF8 in the nightly builds