ofxtruetypefont errors - Getting started

Hi there,

This will be my first post here. I am trying to load example files in Xcode, and they simply will not compile and run. The error comes up, oftruetypefont.cpp - Semantic issue, using the result of an assignment. See attached…

Any ideas how to get the examples Apps to run without errors?


I’ve got the same problem! Using Xcode 4.3.2 on OSX 10.7.3…

anyway you guys can post screenshots (or links to them) of your errors?

Sure, here is my screenshot. It makes it impossible to get past installing Xcode and play with the examples to figure out the framework. Would appreciate advise. Thanks in advance. ~ Chris

those are just warnings - not errors

I am a newbie when it comes to Xcode4 but can you click on “openFrameworks” next to the Stop button, select easyCamExample and hit “Run”