ofxTraerPhysics, no dependencies


If anyone else is interested in having a ofxTraerPhysics not depending on other libs compiling, feel free to help me out. Here’s the github project I set up today.


I’ve gotten it so far to compile w/o errors, it’s actually traer physics for cinder just removing the cinder::vector and using ofVec3f.

So far adding particles and makAttraction between them works. Will check out Springs today I guess.

reason why I did this is that I tried to use ofxMSAPhysics but it had dependencies classes that didn’t compile for me.

since you’re starting out, I thought i’d just drop this in here: make sure your addon continues to conform to the desired addon structure as you add more stuff: https://github.com/benben/ofxAddonTemplate

cool, think I can pretty quickly adapt to that template, thanks for sharing!
just added some examples

interested :slight_smile:
testing ofxMSAPhysics these days.