ofxTinyEXR addon release


In case you’re needing to load/save HDR images in OF, here’s ofxTinyEXR:

I found it particularly useful for capturing (float) pixels from an FBO/shader and writing them to file (see README for examples).

Please let me know if you run into any issues.

Hope it’s useful,


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just did some float image exporting recently (for a large print) and it took a while to figure out – this is a really welcome addon and I’m excited to test it !

hi @zach, i saw that and was wondering what you were using.
one strange thing that i’m noticing is that the image is bright (maybe 2x brightness) when viewed in the finder and in photoshop as well. investigating …

FYI, this color discrepancy be resolved in Photoshop by changing the “Proof Condition”.

View -> Proof setup -> Custom

Select “HDTV (Rec. 709)” and enable “Preserve RGB Numbers”.

Will add this to the README.md.

Note: I’m also using EXR-IO for importing EXR files in Photoshop