ofxTimeline, what are you using?



Erstwhile lurker, first time poster.

I’ve updated pixelsandcandy’s work for Windows 10 + VS2017 + of v0.10.0.

Twas a bit of a slog tbh, but shur look, I learnt quite a bit about openFrameworks addons (and maybe a bit about myself) in the process.



Thanks @carthach !, I compiled the example-curvesAndColors (and others) and it works!
VS2017, OF master branch.

I had to add the lines you mention… There’s another easier way to prepare the project? Why are this “by hand” changes required for?

PS: there’s any problem to still using the outdated oxfTween? or is not a problem since you added ofxPoco? I ask because I have some modified addons (requiring update to 0.10 too) that used ofxTween. I don’t know if its a better idea to switch to another tweener like ofxAnimatable or ofxEasIng… or just to repair the oxTween to 0.10


Great you got it to compile!

Yes, that stage is a bit of a pain in the arse, I thought there might be a way to add a postbuild script into the addons_config.mk but I couldn’t figure it out. Maybe somebody else might be able to shed some further light on the matter.