ofxTimeline on recent master

Hello, I’m trying to use and ofxTimeline from the Entropy repository (https://github.com/Entropy/), because it looks one that is the version more up to date. I’ve also downloaded all the dependencies from the same repository (,‘ofxTween’,‘ofxXmlSettings’,‘ofxTween’,‘ofxRange’,‘ofxMSATimer’,‘ofxTimecode’,‘ofxTextInputField’).
The first error that I have it is that the addon can not found ofRange.
Any idea about how to solve it?

I’m on Linux, Qt 4.4.1 and OF master 2072eef83429453db631c9ae93f93b829f35434a

that timeline has dependencies with some custom changes we did on our own openframeworks branch, mostly to ofxGui which haven’t been brought back yet into upstream master so it won’t work right away.

In any case that error is weird if you have the addon included as it seems you do but not sure where it comes from

Ok. I need a solution to manage a timeline, and this addon looks like the most complete solution right now. I think I will try to make yet another fork of this addon and to get it working with the current master. If some suggestion come to your mind (maybe repo where I should start from, or something that I should take care of when using 0.10) please let me know.

here’s ofRange