ofxTimeline getAudioTrack error

I’m trying to run the ofxTimeline audiowaveform example, and am getting the following four errors that involve addAudioTrack and getAudioTrack in the setup and draw functions of the app’s cpp file:

No member named ‘addAudioTrack’ in ‘ofxTimeline’
No member named ‘getAudioTrack’ in ‘ofxTimeline’ (x2)
Unknown type name ‘ofxTLAudioTrack’

I know that all of my addons are correct, and I can see the function in the ofxTimeline.cpp and .h files. I’m new to C++ and xcode so I might be missing something super basic? I’m also not sure how to find/add the OpenAL Framework so maybe that has something to do with it.


ofxTimeline is an addon with a lot of forks, and some of them do not work at all. Which one are you using? I would suggest you to use one of these three: https://github.com/roymacdonald/ofxTimeline/tree/master , https://github.com/transat/ofxTimeline or https://github.com/Entropy/ofxTimeline/

Sorry for the delay. Thank you very much for the response! I’ve ended up going with ofxMaxim, using the granular synthesis class as a substitute for a timeline.