ofxTimeline: first demo

When trying to compile the waveform example, I get the following error:

“Field type ‘ofOpenALSoundPlay’ is an abstract class”.

I tried replacing the OF ofOpenALSoundPlayer.cpp with yours, but it has the same error. Any ideas?

I ran into the same problem as Seth with ofOpenALSoundPlayer . All the examples work fine for me in 007 but not 0071.

hi guys,

sorry about that – the audio waveform example is now fixed in github for 0071. Thanks for pointing this out!

I’m looking for a way to place a couple of photos and videos on a timeline and be able to scroll through them. Like from frame 200 - 500 “1.jpg” is getting displayed, frame 500 - 800 it’s “2.jpg”. At frame 801 a video starts, etc.
Anyway I tried out the imagesequence demo but I don’t get how the images are actually getting displayed. It looks like they are added in setup() but in draw() only the timeline gets drawn, not the actual images. Do I miss something?

Hi everyone,

As part of my work at YCAM I’ve been advancing ofxTimeline - I pushed some big updates to the master branch today. The API changes will break old projects, but the examples are all updated and with windows + xcode projects.

All updates will be on this fork from now on:

One note, to use the ofxTLAudioTrack you’ll need to be on the develop branch of openFrameworks. all the others should be fine with release.

Feedback always welcome,

Hi obviousjim,

This addon is just amazing, thank you very much.

I spent some time to compile it with codeblocks, windows 7 and OF 7.3
Here’s my notes:

1- add #include in ofxTLTrack.h, to avoid an undefined LONG_MAX constant.
2- add #include in ofxTLColorTrack.cpp, to avoid an undefined FLT_EPSILON constant.
3- take care to use the right MSATimer addon: https://github.com/obviousjim/ofxMSATimer , because there’s 3 different versions on the addon page.
4- In ofxMSATimer.h, replace

#if defined(TARGET_WIN32)  
	#define NOMINMAX  
	#include <windows.h>  


#if defined(TARGET_WIN32)  
	#if not defined(NOMINMAX)  
		#define NOMINMAX  
	#include <windows.h>  

to avoid constant redefinition warnings
5- install “OpenAL with OpenAL Installer for Windows” http://connect.creativelabs.com/openal/Downloads/Forms/AllItems.aspx
6- copy and rename of_v0073_win_cb_release\addons\ofxTimeline\libs\openal\libs\vs2010 to of_v0073_win_cb_release\addons\ofxTimeline\libs\openal\libs\win_cb
7- same thing for of_v0073_win_cb_release\addons\ofxTimeline\libs\sndfile\lib\vs2010

I’m not sure everything is very correct, but it work. After that, I could build a new project using the project generator.

Thanks so much!

For the MSATimer, could you send a pull request for that, as well as the codeblocks libs? Be very helpful for others and is hard for me to test.

Thanks for taking the time to describe how to get this to work, it’ll be beneficial to many I hope

I’m currently learning git. I’ll do the pull request as soon as I have understood what is it :wink:
I’m glad to contribute a little.

Hi obviousjim,

[quote=“obviousjim, post:27, topic:8194”]
For the MSATimer, could you send a pull request for that[/quote]

Done. Let me know if I did it right please.
I will do the rest after.

[quote=“obviousjim, post:27, topic:8194”]
For the MSATimer, could you send a pull request for that, as well as the codeblocks libs? Be very helpful for others and is hard for me to test.[/quote]
Just the codeblocks libs, or do you want also to include my points 1 and 2 ? I can also edit the readme to add the installation advices 3 and 5. And also the codeblocks projects for the examples.

A little information :
In http://ofxaddons.com/"">the addons page ofxTimeline is the previous Flightphase version. This entry provides three links: this-one in the title, the download arrow next to it, and the github page at the end. The last two are broken.
The only way to access to the current obviousjim version is to open the title link, and find the correct link in the readme.

That would be great! basically if you have what you need working on your repository sending it my way through a pull request, as long as it won’t break VS2010 + OS X.


Hi, I am having some irregularities running timeline on multiple screens.

I am running my app with this in main to get full screen across 2 monitors.

    #include "ofMain.h"
#include "ofApp.h"
#include "ofAppGLFWWindow.h"
int main( ){
     ofAppGLFWWindow window;
	ofRunApp( new ofApp());


When I do this I the mouse values for my timeline (displayed on the second screen) respond to mouse movements on the first screen. Is there a way to stop this?

It means when I click or move the mouse on my laptop monitor I see values change or the playhead scrub on the timeline, which is actually 1920 pixels to the right.

I am using OF 080 - maybe something has changed?


Ok, I should have tinkered more,

I just had to use the functions


All good

any chance to run ofxTimeline in VS Windows? I am getting errors related to ofxTextInputField.