ofxTimeBool - track boolean impulses over time


this is a very small and simple addon that I needed within another project and thought I may as well post it.

It’s useful within a situation where you have something that triggers a boolean value. But you don’t want to react on every impulse but for example only when there are six triggers in one second. the example shows this with a simple double click. when there are two clicks within half a second it fires a function.

This is also useful for camera tracking stuff. That’s what I needed it for within the project. There was a user waving in front of the camera and therefor giving an impulse to the software. But I didn’t want to react on every single impulse, because it was made with camera tracking and may have some errors on the way, like somebody taking a photo with flash or whatever. This gave me an easy option to determine if there were at least 10 impulses within 2 seconds or so…

Download it here: http://underdoeg.com/uploads/cppLibs/ofxTimeBool.zip