ofxTileSaver with ofSetBackgroundAuto(false)

on trying to use ofxTileSaver https://github.com/benben/ofxTileSaver with ofSetBackgroundAuto in false, I get the whole screen in each of the tiles. I understand this is due to the way it works (scaling the graphics and then taking a screen grab of each of the tiles), but I was wondering if there’s any way around it?

Can you use an ofFbo instead of ofSetBackgroundAuto?

Hey thanks!
sorry, I didn’t mention I’d already tried that. The problem is that when the fbo is scaled, I get antialiasing, which defeats the purpose of the tile saver.

ie (not using bg auto for demonstration):

With fbo

Without fbo

If there’s any way to turn off antialiasing on the fbo I’m also happy with that solution