ofxThreadedVideo and HTTP


I am trying to load a Video by HTTP with ofxThreadedVideo https://github.com/gameoverhack/ofxThreadedVideo/.
But it give me a bad memory access when I try to update the instance of video.

What I suspected is that the ofxThreadedVideo doesn’t support HTTP because of this lines:

//#ifdef TARGET_OSX
vector pathParts = ofSplitString(paths[loadVideoID], “/”);
vector pathParts = ofSplitString(paths[loadVideoID], “\”);

I commented, but I still have the same bug.
Anyone has some idea of what I am doing wrong?


Hey vamoss

Just saw your post - I never anticipated loading videos from http using ofxThreadedVideo…I’ll have a look at it as soon as possible and get back to you…

Not sure how it will handle the streaming part etc as it was intended for hard drive access…but worth a try.

What are you trying to do/make? Possibly it’s easier to download the movies from the web in a background thread and then play them?

Hi Gameover,

I’ve integrated a CMS with OpenFrameworks serving all the data, including videos.
For now, I will point to local video directory at the CMS.


what version OF you use ?