ofxTCPServer + Example bug

I’ve been spending a lot of time with ofxTCPServer from the github master branch (I think it is also referred to as 0.07 right now) and have run into several problems relating to multithread access and the way connected clients are enumerated. In fact, the included TCPServer is broken as I noted here:

So I cleaned up the class a little bit, fixed the errors and threading issues and was looking to submit the patch for someone to review and maybe incorporate into the main git. How do I do that?

The affect files are attached here.

[ofxNetwork Patch 20110720_CK.zip](http://forum.openframeworks.cc/uploads/default/1726/ofxNetwork Patch 20110720_CK.zip)

Nevermind! I see that obviousjim has basically fixed all of these issues. (I was a few revisions short on the git).

I’m still not convinced that it is totally thread-safe but I haven’t been able to create a sample that exhibits a race-condition, so it works for now.


thanks for your help!

See here, how to contribute to OF: