made an addon to work with tablets on osx.
allows to get a bunch of tablet information such as pressure and whatnot, even though what is actually available depends on tablet model
includes several events for pen proximity and drawing.

you can download it here: http://code.google.com/p/ruicode/downloads/list

The way the tablet events are accessed can be useful for other things as well.
I made an obj-c class that poses as an NSApplication class. This means that every instance of an NSApplication will in fact be an instance of my class :slight_smile:
Since GLUT uses Cocoa to create its window (it extends NSApplication) i was able to change how it deals its events internally. Really simple and has a lot of potential for other things as well.



Very cool. I tried it out with my wacom 9x12 intuos tablet, works well. Nice add rui!

There are many details available here so please read care fully and take more information…