ofxSyphon start and stop recording?

is there a way to send messages to Syphon from OF to make it part and stop the recording process?
i want to be able to have my OF app be in control when the recording takes place. ideally i would also be able to set the name of the file.


by pressing alt command r syphon starts and stops recording.

since i am on OS X i used apple script to send those key codes.

void ofApp::keyReleased(int key){

    if(key == 'a'){
        string myScript;
        myScript += "osascript ";
        myScript += "-e 'tell application \"System Events\"' ";
        myScript += "-e 'key code 15 using {command down, option down}' ";
        myScript += "-e 'end tell' ";
        ofLog()<<"myScript "<<myScript;

        //link to key codes