ofxSyphon: server info?

hi everybody!

does anyone know how to get information about a syphon server status?

using ofxSyphon add-on I made a simple syphon client; it all works perfectly but it seems there’s no way to know whether the server is running or not; I need to know this because while the server isn’t running the client gives me a blank screen (hiding all other contents on the screen!)

I found this in ofxSyphon\libs\syphon\lib\osx\syphon.framework\Headers\syphonclient.h :

 Returns YES if the server has output a new frame since the last time newFrameImageForContext: was called for this client, NO otherwise.  
@property (readonly) BOOL hasNewFrame;  

maybe this is what I need, but… how can I “extract” this var and use it in my oF client server app?

thank you! :slight_smile: