OfxSyphon LLVM compiler error (C++ syntax problem)

Hy there,

I’ve tried ofxSyphon beta 2 on OX6.8 and OF008 (on xcode 4.2)
The compiler used is GCC 4.2.
It seems that there is some syntax problem with the auto type
The compiler complains in the file ofxSyphonServerDirectory.mm at the function below

bool ofxSyphonServerDirectory::serverExists(ofxSyphonServerDescription _server){
for(auto& s: serverList){
if(s == _server)
return true;

return false;

It says that the loop variable s must not be declared as auto.

Do you guys have this kind of error? Is it related to the compiler version ?

that’s c++11 syntax and OF 0.8.0 is not compatible with it on osx yet. not sure why they might be using that syntax. perhaps post an issue in their repository

Thanks Arturo, I’ll post an issue.

Working fine with XCode 4.4 (LLVM Compiler 4.0)

More informations at https://github.com/astellato/ofxSyphon/issues/10