ofxSVG + macOS + Illustrator

The ofxSVG example works well with OF 0.11 and OF 0.10.1 on macOS Mojave + the tiger.svg file it comes with.
But it fails to display the SVG after I open the file in Illustrator and add a simple shape to it, then save it.

Does anyone have instructions on how to prepare an SVG file correctly, so I can be opened via ofxSVG?

Files that don’t display report the following

 ofLog()<<"svg width "<<svg.getWidth()<<" height "<<svg.getHeight();
svg width 0 height 0

Thanks a bunch.

This seems to work.
Select “Export As” and deselect “Responsive”

Hi @stephanschulz,
you need to save it in the SVGtiny1.2 format

Then it should open correctly

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