ofxSVG don’t compile in release mode (VS2017))

I’m failing to compile a project in Visual Studio 2017 in release mode.
The project uses ofxSVG and the error seems to be from SvgTiny library file.
Linker says this:

‘…\addons\ofxSvg\libs\svgtiny\lib\vs\Win32\svgtiny.lib’ è stato creato con un compilatore precedente rispetto a quello utilizzato per altri oggetti. Ricompilare i vecchi oggetti e librerie

Translated in english is:
"object or library file … was created with a compiler which is older than the one used for other objects. Please recompile old objects and libraries

Just downloaded Svgtiny but unable to compile, it seems I miss some stuff or there is something wrong in compiler setup. Anyone knows how to fix that?