ofxSVG content not sized correctly

Hi All

I’m using the ofxSVG add-on to load in svg files I’m making using Inkscape, and have found out that they get loaded in incorrectly scaled.

It looks like an issue with the svgtiny library, not properly scaling the contents, doing a bit of hacking I’m able to scan the start of the svg file manually finding the svg’s width and height, and then scaling the values that ofxSVG::getWidth() and ofxSVG::getHeight() report back.

Anyone else seeing the same issue?

I think the best place to fix this is in the svgtiny libraries code, but it looks like the library is supplied as a binary, where is this coming form?

I’m using the SVG files to control a laser cutter, so it’s pretty important they are sized correctly!
While my hack works, I’d like to try and sort this out the right way!

I am finding something similar.


Then load the svg and notices a different scale and offset.