ofxSupercolliderServer generating conflicts on of_v0.8?

Hi, Does ofxSupercolliderServer works on openframeworks 0.8?
I dont know why but when i try to use that library with openframeworks 0.8 my apps doesnt compile. I dont get any error message. I get "build succeeded ". It seems everything works ok, but the compiled version never appears.
I must tell that i only have this problem with this library, other libraries work ok.
Any idea why is this? The wierd thing is that if delete the addon and try to compile the code again i still getting the same error.

any idea why is this problem and how to solve it?



Hi Adam, did you find out the solution.
I can’t compile the example (ofxSuperColliderServer)

Hi Adam and Aris,

I would like to know if any of you have any luck with running on it with v.0.8 please? I couldn’t compile the example as well…
On a side note, I would very much to run it on v.0.9 eventually><