ofxSuddenMotion 001


Here is an addon I made this morning for accessing the sudden motion sensor of Apple hardware. It wraps unimotion and provides simple access to features such as smoothed values, relative calibration, and sms value modes.

You can see a super basic demo app on vimeo here:

The addon project page is here:

Download it here:

The zip comes with xcode projects for both 005 and also 0057 (006)

I am super open to it doing cross platform support if we can get the same data back in linux and windows.

Hope this is useful!

hi theo!!!

this is great. i have an old processing experiment that uses the sms library that i’ve allways wanted to port to of and improve on it.

thanks a lot for this!! :slight_smile:

cool! I’m glad :smiley:

just realized it might be good to have a getGravityVector() if that is possible.
would make for some fun box2D apps!


Using the SMS to simulate gravity is really fun, I did it with the processing library a while back (all I did was literally add the values from the SMS to the velocity vectors of all of the particles. It seemed to work pretty well for the most part. http://www.vimeo.com/1275551 (I should really re-record the video with the camera just looking at the screen, cos it would make it easier to see)

I look forward to messing around with it in OpenFrameworks too. I really need to try Box2d- seems a lot easier than building a physics engine from scratch like I have been doing.

Thanks for the cool lib theo :slight_smile: