ofxStk Mutex, pThread


I was thinking to adapt some stk examples in OF but when i compare ofxStk headers with stk ones, some are missing like RtAudio, RtWvin, Mutex…
Ok for RtAudio which is integrated in OF but what about the others ?

I guess it’s a volontary and i would like understand a bit more about this choice because i would like record sound with stk

I added the missing files just for testing, and i have error with Mutex (not name a type)
is it related to the missing pThread lib ?


which part of stk do you need? I only included the musical stuff. All stuff like mutex,threads, networking, etc, is already in POCO so there was no point in bringing it in.

Hi Ahbee,

Thank’s for explanations
I was looking for the stk record’s example wich include RtWvIn.h …