ofxStk DrawSynth setDevice id


To have sound output when i compiling stk using RtAudio, i need to setDevice id 3.
It seems stk framework or ofxStk addon don’t provide an interface for that, wright ?
So how to do this for ofxStk’s examples like DrawSynth that don’t use RtAudio ?

Should i use RtApiAlsa and how to ?

ps: I tryed to create .asound settings file put in /etc/, and reboot but not efficient :frowning:


instead of using

ofSoundStreamSetup(2, 0);

create a member variable in ofApp

ofSoundStream myStream;

and in the setup do

    myStream.setup(this, 2, 0, 44100, 256, 4);

and remove the call to ofSoundStreamSetup(2, 0)

Thank’s for clear explanations Ahbee :slight_smile: