ofxStatusbar - Icons for the statusbar of Mac OS X

Out of curiosity, I started working on an addon, that allows to add an icon to the statusbar.

My knowledge of objective-c is quite limited, therefor not everything is working at the moment. I just put the soure in GitHub and pull requests are highly appreciated. It is already possible to add an image and/or text to the statusbar. Also an alternative image (=image on hover) can be defined. The ‘example-basic’ shows the current state of development.

Repository: https://github.com/madc/ofxStatusbar

Where I failed:

I’m not sure, if i’'ll be able to solve this issues on my own, therefor I ask for some support, tips and ideas.


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Thanks! I started to use this addon.
Do you have more info about how to use it?
I am getting trouble because I don’t know how to control de number of times it appears the status on the bar.
Must I unload everytime? any tip?
I don’t know how to link the png’s to my project…

Ok, now I understand I only need to init the status bar 1 time, not everytime I wan’t to refresh the status state.
But how can I to update it “by code” (not only by mouse click)?

This is a problem, that i couldn’t solve until now. As i wrote above, i’m not to familiar with Objective C. Any help on fixing this is appreciated. If you want to participate, you could open an issue at the github repo.