ofxSpriteSheetRenderer & multipler renderer

Hi there,
I have 2 spritesheets (required for other purpose to have 2) and then I have 2 renderers.
I have classes which are basically objects displaying and controlling which sprite i displayed.

At some point, these objects as to display sprite from one spritesheet, and then one from the other one.
I cannot see any sprite of the second one.

I’m update the “time” in each renderer etc. I mean, I’m making everything the same for both renderer.

So, because I don’t find my bug, I just ask if that case (2 renderers, 2 spritesheets) is a possible case, an usual one or if I’d have to make something more like displaying a renderer in front of the other (above) or playing with other parameters.

any ideas/leads would be welcome :slight_smile: