Hello everone, i’m a begineer and i want to make some little things with ofSpeech, but i don’t understand how it works:

It says recognition, does it work with my mac only or with a recognition software like macspeech (i saw it on a youtube video)? i don’t understand.
When i try the speech recognition on my mac, it’s not working (Moutain Lion), maybe i’m not really good at it?

Or is there an other addon, that i can use to do it? as simple as ofSpeech?

it should recognize words spelled from a real voice and as a consequence print the words on screen. But it’is Mac oriented ,i would try it one day it will be available also for other platforms…

yeah, but i launch the software (the exemple of ofspeech), and, it’s really not reconize what i’m saying…

So basically, if i’m taking everything at first:
I’m on my mac, i open the exemple that i just copy in the folder “my apps”, i launch it in debug mode… the programme is running, but not detecting my voice…

Soooo… What the problem? that’s my question (maybe i forgot something…)

Hello there Marsat,

I am experiencing the same problem. Have you solved the problem? Sorry for responding to the old thread,

i’m trying, but, now i’m on “l’ve no idea what i’m doing” mode… same point as you.